Tamimi Rutjita

she has been appointed by Pojok to become creative director in 2015. Before she has direct high school Theater called Enhakam  in 2010 even when she is still attend high school. She won best Director in Festival Theater SLTA 2013 along with Annisa Maulidina as her co-director. Eventually the Enhakam Group won best group too. The next year she alone nominated for best director and won the fifth best group.

She then continue to learn drama through Indonesia literature in Indonesia University. She then graduate and selected to be Director in Kelompok Pojok along with co-director Yasya Arifa and Iqbal Samudra. together they build kelompok Pojok with their research distinguish from peranakan Literature. Their research still continue and will served us with Peranakan history to many-many years to come.  Beside directing she also took part in makeup and costume design in many production. She has won twice as a costume designer in 2012 and 2013. she also helped Teater Populer in a play called suara-suara mati. she helped undergrad student of LSPR. she has joined doing makeup for movies such as “Kenapa Harus Bule” by Andri Cung and “Daysleepers” by Paul Agusta.

Being  back stage doesn’t stop her to venture on stage. She has played at such theater group like Teater Bejana play “Nonton Capgomeh”, “Pasung jiwa” for Okky Madasari Pasung Jiwa book release, Teater Tetas “Banowati”, DLDC “Hutan Pasir Sunyi”, DLDC ” Zebra cross”, DLDC “Tutur Batik”, CAS “Sedanau”, and other with Pojok Production called “Oposisi”,”Hening”, “Paralel 45″, Broad(is Not my) way”, “Gadungan”. she also joined with Pojok cross-island debut in Kalimantan Island Pontianak played Hening and in Bengkulu Art Festival play “Gadungan”.



Other fields:
  • Wardrobe
  • Makeup Design
  • Bahasa Indonesia teacher

Creative Director


Komplek Deplu Pondok Aren Jl. Caraka X Blok B no 182, Tangerang Selatan, Banten



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