Melani Astim

Melani Astim, born in Jakarta, January 4, 1997, is an actress. She is began playing theater since high school with the Hangtuah Theater. Her first appearance was at the SLTA Theater Festival (FTS) 2011. During high school she had already performed a show, Nol Koma Lima (2011), .EXE (2012), Babad ing Nagri (2013), R.A (2014). After graduate from high school in 2014 she’s has been a director, costume designer at the HANGTUAH theater and costume team in several industrial theater performances.

In 2014 she decided to join a theater in one of the theater communities in the area, namely a Pojok group. She’s has participated in several performances with Pojok group, namely Hening (2014), Broad () (2015), Gadungan (2016 and 2017), Nonton Cap Gomeh (2018), and Zonder Lentera (2019).

She is also joined as a costume team in KITA Indonesia. Some of the performance titles she had joined, Sri Engtay (2016), Our Beloved President (2017), The Party of Thieves (2017), Parliamentary Thugs (2018), in 2018 she became talent coordinator at the Princess Pantura performance. And in 2017 she was once a stage manager at an ABNON theater performance entitled Muka Kampung City Fortune.

Other fields:
  • Wardrobe assistant
  • CEO of Chanko Sport
  • Entrepeneur

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