Haris ‘dogol’ Surahman

started to join with Kelompok Pojok since 2014. played on Oposisi, Hening, Broad(is not my)way, Nonton Capgomeh, and Zonder Lentera.  a not so talented performer, only with a spirit of practicing and keep practicing.


Melani Astim

Melani Astim, born in Jakarta, January 4, 1997, is an actress. She is began playing theater since high school with the Hangtuah Theater. Her first appearance was at the SLTA Theater Festival (FTS) 2011. During high school she had already performed a show, Nol Koma Lima (2011), .EXE (2012), Babad ing Nagri (2013), R.A (2014). After graduate from high school in 2014 she’s has been a director, costume designer at the HANGTUAH theater and costume team in several industrial theater performances.

In 2014 she decided to join a theater in one of the theater communities in the area, namely a Pojok group. She’s has participated in several performances with Pojok group, namely Hening (2014), Broad () (2015), Gadungan (2016 and 2017), Nonton Cap Gomeh (2018), and Zonder Lentera (2019).

She is also joined as a costume team in KITA Indonesia. Some of the performance titles she had joined, Sri Engtay (2016), Our Beloved President (2017), The Party of Thieves (2017), Parliamentary Thugs (2018), in 2018 she became talent coordinator at the Princess Pantura performance. And in 2017 she was once a stage manager at an ABNON theater performance entitled Muka Kampung City Fortune.

Diana Rudhotul Jannah

Diana Roudhotul Jannah Bachtiar, born in Jakarta, October 11, 1996, is a actress.  She’s started playing theater since High School with Teater Hangtuah. Her debut performance was at Festival Teater SLTA (FTS) 2010. She has joined Kelompok Pojok since 2015. She’s performed in Oposisi (2014), Broad (is not my) way (2015), Gadungan (2016 and 2017), Nonton Cap Gomeh (2018), and Zonder Lentera (2019). She won 2 supporting actress in Festival Teater SLTA 2012 and Festival Teater Remaja Nasional (FTRN) 2013. Then, she won the best script FTS 2017.

Magda J. Khairunnisa

Magda Julia Khairunnisa, born in Jakarta, July 17th 1994. She ‘s an actress, a musician, and doing make up for theatre. She’s started playing theatre since High School with Teater Topeng. Her debut performance was at Festival Teater SLTA 2010. She’s been joined Kelompok Pojok since 2015. She’s performed in Broad (is not my) way (2015), Gadungan (2016), Nonton Cap Go Meh (2018), and Zoder Lentera (2019).  She has been getting involved in Petang Kreatif FIB UI 2013-2015 as a director and a script writer. As mentioned above, she’s also doing make up and music for theatre. She’s been getting involved the most to Teater Topeng as an actress, a musician and make up artist. She’s also involved in some of Teater Hangtuah, Teater Sembilu and Teater Enhakam performance as a musician. She’s been performed at Galeri Indonesia Kaya as a musician in Cita Cinta (2016).


Being one of the founders of the Kelompok Pojok and the first chairman of this group, Iqbal is currently the general chairman of this organization. His experience in the theater began when he was in high school in 97 high school Jakarta and join with eksrakurikuler with Teater Topeng. After graduating from high school, he continued his theater studies along with two senior groups in Bulungan, South Jakarta, Kelompok Siluet and the Tetas Theater.

Various achievements have been achieved, among others, FTS 2012 Best Director, FTS 2012 Nominee of  Best Script Writer, FTS 2013 Nominated Best Director, Nominated Best Director of FTJS 2012 and 2017, Nominated best director of the national youth theater festival in 2013 and also the best director in the dramakala fest event in 2016.

Rahay Dwi

Rahayu Dwi is a Makeup Artist and Bridal Make up and is also a member of the Pojok Group and Performer in the Pojok Group. Her Debut as Performer began when she was in her high school theater such as Kilometer Cinta (2010), Nol Koma Lima (2011), .EXE (2013), Babad ing Nagri (2013). She also represented Jakarta for Festival Nasional Teater Remaja.  She then join the Pojok Group  in 2012 untill today, she’s performed in “Janda Sebelum Berkembang” (2012), Dramakala fest, Oposisi (2014), Parade Khatulistiwa, AA II UU (2015), Broad (not) my way (2016), Nonton Cap Gomeh (2018), Zonder Lentera (2019).

Other than being an actress, she is also a makeup artist for theater stage. Makeup works that have been created namely, Rumah  Doremi (2016), Rik dan Mimpiku (2016), Teater Monolog Dramakala Fest (2016), 3D (2016), Warung Sebelah (2017), WereWolf (2018), Nonton Cap Gomeh (2018), Zonder Lentera (2019) In 2016 and 2017 she was nominated for the best Makeup Artist at the SLTA theater festival and in 2018 she won the best Makeup Artist.

Siti Rizkiya Hayatin Nupus

Siti Rizkiya was born in Jakarta on March 30, 1996. she is a graphic design for Kelompok Pojok. Her work are used to promote art performances or production of Kelompok Pojok events consisting of poster designs, billboards, banners, tickets, online media. Debuted as an actress in high school theater known as Enhakam Theater. In the second year she became a producer in the play called Mimesasiso.  Collaboration performance between Jakarta 6 High School and 70 High School. She also handle being stage manager in R.A which was also a collaboration by 3 schools. In the last year of high school he was awarded the best director in the INDONESIAN  LANGUANGE MONTH FESTIVAL (FALASIDO UI) 2015. So forth, in  Kelompok Pojok she is not only dutied as graphic design but at 2019 she also handled stage managing in “Zonder Lentera”

Candra Eko Mawarid (Cem)

Candra Eko Mawarid as known as CEM is a performer and an actor who also works as GIS Analyst in one of ministries. His debut performance in theatre was began when he was studying in Universitas Indonesia (2009-2014). In 2012 he won the best actor award (UI Art War 2012) and also he won the best Stand Up Comedy in ‘Metro TV on Campus’(2012). In 2013 he was performing traditional dance in Cheonan Folk Dance Festival 2013 South Korea with Density UI group. He was also involved in ‘Subversif!’ theatre performance by Insitut Ungu in 2015. He was joining Kelompok Pojok since 2016 and played some roles such as ‘Kolase’ (2016), ‘Nonton Capgome’ (2018), and ‘Zonder Lentera’ (2019).

He is not only an actor but also an MC and event organizer. Many events that he has brought as MC such as ‘Promosi Kesenian Khas dan Bazar’ by Banten Provincial Government (2016), ‘Treasure In You’ Educational Camp (2015) & ‘Stepping Up’ Youth Camp by PT Andamar (2016), and many more. As a geography student who loves art and culture, his thesis research is about connection between comedy and place identity.


Yasya Arifa (Acha)

  Yasya Arifa is member and director of KELOMPOK POJOK started in 2013. Before she directed for Teater TEMAN, SMA N 32 Jakarta since 2010. Her debut started at Festival Teater SLTA without any base of directing whatsoever. Until Yasya join to become a member and performer in Kelompok Pojok. Then she learned to become director with her first big project with pojok is at Graha Bhakti Budaya with her partner director is Tamimi Rutjita.

Theater/Performing Art Works


  1. Director and screenwriter “Ramalan Kematian (Teater TEMAN) for Festival Teater SLTA 2013, Jakarta, Bulungan
  2. Director and screenwriter “PUK-PUK” (Teater TEMAN) for Festival Teater SLTA 2014. Teater Teman won 4th place and she nominated for the best director.
  3. Performer “Oposisi” (Kelompok Pojok) for Dramakala Fest 2014 at London School. Kelompok Pojok won 1st place and she nominated for the best female actress.
  4. Performer “Hening” (Kelompok Pojok) for Festival Teater Kalimantan.
  5. Director “Nonton Cap Gomeh” 2018 (kelompok pojok) at Graha Bhakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki
  6. Director “Zonder lentera” 2019 (kelompok pojok) at Graha Bhakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki

Tamimi Rutjita

she has been appointed by Pojok to become creative director in 2015. Before she has direct high school Theater called Enhakam  in 2010 even when she is still attend high school. She won best Director in Festival Theater SLTA 2013 along with Annisa Maulidina as her co-director. Eventually the Enhakam Group won best group too. The next year she alone nominated for best director and won the fifth best group.

She then continue to learn drama through Indonesia literature in Indonesia University. She then graduate and selected to be Director in Kelompok Pojok along with co-director Yasya Arifa and Iqbal Samudra. together they build kelompok Pojok with their research distinguish from peranakan Literature. Their research still continue and will served us with Peranakan history to many-many years to come.  Beside directing she also took part in makeup and costume design in many production. She has won twice as a costume designer in 2012 and 2013. she also helped Teater Populer in a play called suara-suara mati. she helped undergrad student of LSPR. she has joined doing makeup for movies such as “Kenapa Harus Bule” by Andri Cung and “Daysleepers” by Paul Agusta.

Being  back stage doesn’t stop her to venture on stage. She has played at such theater group like Teater Bejana play “Nonton Capgomeh”, “Pasung jiwa” for Okky Madasari Pasung Jiwa book release, Teater Tetas “Banowati”, DLDC “Hutan Pasir Sunyi”, DLDC ” Zebra cross”, DLDC “Tutur Batik”, CAS “Sedanau”, and other with Pojok Production called “Oposisi”,”Hening”, “Paralel 45″, Broad(is Not my) way”, “Gadungan”. she also joined with Pojok cross-island debut in Kalimantan Island Pontianak played Hening and in Bengkulu Art Festival play “Gadungan”.