About Us

 ” There are many things in the world of arts that need to be explore. we do not live from theater. we live for theater. thus theater is a space to humanize  the human ”




How We Begin


Before we are theater enthusiast in each of our own school. we started out in theater extracurricular and delegates each of our school.

Our passions toward performing art didn’t stop in our school seat. The restlessness has become our motivation to keep our stand in the world of art. The venture continues when finally in the corner of South Jakarta youth arena (GOR Bulungan) we then create Kelompok Pojok

Afterwards Kelompok Pojok not only contemplate its own art but we assembled an art program for the art enthusiast.

We thought every adolescence needs to be given an opportunity to conduct their energy and passion in the world of performing art.

Therefore we often organize event such as theater performance, music, dance, and other form of art to each of art subject.


We often join South Jakarta Theater Festival. Many Achievement we have gather. We are 4th winner of best group theater in 2011, 4th winner of best group theater in 2012, 1st winner of best theater Group in 2013, 4th winner of best theater group in 2016.

we also join Dramakala fest that was held by London School of Public Relation in 2014. we have won 1st place for the best group and also best actress.


We established Pojok theater parade in 2016. this event provide stage and spectator as a form appreciation to each theater group who are willing to venture their capabilities in performing art. It was held once in two years. afterwards we held short drama theater festival for adolescence. it is called FDPS.


Bengkulu Art festival and Format (Pontianak Theater festival) are our cross island debut. At Pontianak we performed Hening (Tranquil) twice for the third time. At Bengkulu we performed Gadungan (impostor) a rechauffe of Moliere’s  Le Medecin MalgreLui and adapted to Indonesia by Asrul Sani.


For two years we have been doing research about peranakan (crossbreed between indonesian and chinese that migrates in Qing dinasty)  in Indonesia. based from a script which written in 1930’s in the name of Kwee Tek Hoay. These research will still continue thus there are still Peranakan script that needs to be explore.

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PHONE / +62 812 1007 6223
EMAIL / kepobuls@gmail.com

Staff & Board

Kelompok Pojok are consist with 10 members. Iqbal samudra as  leader. Diana as secretary. Melanie Astim as finance. Tamimi Rutjita and Yasya Arifa as Director. Magda as Administrator. Rizkiya as graphic and Stage Manager. Cem as research Committee. Dwi Rahay as Makeup Design.